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Church should be special for children

Do you remember going to Sunday School as a child? I remember Saturday nights trying to memorize a Bible verse for Sunday morning’s class.   The verse had to begin with a certain letter which changed alphabetically each week.  When it was time for verses beginning with the letter J,  it seems that everyone was of like mind and came ready to recite the same short one, John 11:35,  “Jesus wept”.  That’s one of my best memories.

In Sunday School we learned about God,  the books of the Bible, and heard Bible stories that I still recall to this day.  We constructed things and sometimes had snacks.  We learned and we had fun.  During the week we did spend some time thinking about whether or not we should be doing certain things based on what we learned in Bible school. 

Back in those days we also had devotions in public schools and I learned some of the same things there. Morning devotions in Mrs. Evans 4th grade class in North Carolina  included singing patriotic songs, reciting scriptures, and repeating the Lord’s Prayer.   Things have changed and devotionals like that do not take place in most schools now.

Today it seems that other than in the home and in church there is not a place where our children will learn Godly principles or even hear about Jesus.  The learning needs to be solid, exciting, and fun.  We recognize that at Beltway and have Sunday School classes for all ages including children.  We also have children’s church services where children ages 2-4 have their own worship area and are led by a staff dedicated to helping them experience worship in a way that they can understand.

Making sure that our children grow up with a Godly reverence and helping them make good life decisions is essential.   We invite you to bring your entire family including your little ones to share in our Bible study program.

Sunday School is at 9:00 AM and  Worship (including children’s church) is at 10:00 am.

Meanwhile, what do you remember about going to Sunday School?

Beltway Church of Christ
6000 Davis Blvd.
Camp Springs, MD 20746

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