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It got loud, everybody had something to say, and it looked like nobody was going home.

I’m talking about last night’s biweekly Bible Study that took place in our minister’s home.  What did you think I was talking about?  The loudness is referring to the fellowship that followed and seemed to go on and on.  The everybody had something to say part refers to the Bible study we had first.  Everybody was involved in the discussion and some good questions were asked.

The evening started off with a prayer and a discussion about confession.  Brother Pinkerton led the discussion and for the most part we stuck to the subject.  However, it is understood that if you are there and you have a question about something you just ask it and it will be addressed.   It was an orderly discussion as always but folks are comfortable saying what is on their mind as they look for biblical answers so we did venture off a few times.  It was all good.  There was seriousness, challenges, laughter and more.  It is supposed to be about an hour-long discussion but once we got going it was hard to bring the study to an end.  Brother Pinkerton did a good job of managing the closure.

Next, there was a closing prayer including thanks for the food.  Then Sister Pinkerton spent a few minutes explaining her themed menu for the night.  If you want to know more about the great food you will have to come next time to find out for yourself.

It’s a good thing the Pinkerton’s don’t live in an apartment because folks were loud last night.  The conversation, stories and jokes were good.  People were having a great time.  It was getting late and I was wondering if we were going to be put out or  if we would have the good sense to leave graciously.  I spoke up and said that this must be the record for the longest time staying at the Bible Study (hint, hint) and was quickly told that one lasted until almost 2 am.  People just kept on talking and carrying on.

Who says Christians can’t get together and have an absolutely wonderful time.


(image credit: sstandctiverton org/? page id+1295)

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