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Living on a Prayer

I was on Face Book tonight and came across a name I hadn’t seen in a long time.  The name is Tquan  Moore .  I remember Tquan (pronounced Twan) as a young boy many years ago when we were known as the Southeast congregation and met on Southern Avenue which borders southeast Washington, DC.  Tquan is now a grown man living in Texas. He has a family of his own and is making it as a Christian musician.  I saw this entry on his website.  It’s almost 3 years old but still relevant.  Aren’t we all living on a prayer?
Living on a prayer
May 26, 2009
Last Tuesday, I was in Austin and found this sign on the side of the road. Which certainly looked like the handy work of a homeless person. “Living on a prayer. Please Help” I was taken back by the sign enough that I took it home. I read the sign and I thought, “Now isn’t that true of all of us.” Take these events from the last week. A couple that I know well continue to struggle with a painful illness that is said to have no cure, a friend just found out he has some form of lymphatic cancer, my daughter was sick with a 105 fever today and was taken to the emergency room, the finances are tighter than “under armour”, the car is acting funny, and I have a friend who is working through suicidal thoughts. We are all living on a prayer and we need help in every aspect of our lives. To my unknown sign making friend, Thank- you for reminding me that my life is lived on a prayer.

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