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Trayvon Martin – A Part of Us

We are Trayvon Martin signs and protestors
Demonstrators in Washington, DC _"We are Trayvon Martin"

Trayvon Martin was a part of us not because he looked like so many of our members but because he was a human being and one of God’s children.

As Americans and members of the community we share in the tragedy surrounding this young teen who lost his life recently in Florida.  Beltway members have been in prayer and have been vocal in activities seeking justice and understanding.  Our hearts go out to the Martin family and others affected.

We also know that tragedies are happening even closer to us here in Prince George’s County and the surrounding area.  Our neighbors and even our members are troubled by legal matters, hardships, and other problems that are occurring in our lives.  Beltway is taking steps to make some difference. 

We have already announced a partnership with the Prince George’s County Community Oriented Policing Service (COPS),  and support Princeton Elementary School, our neighborhood school here in Camp Springs.   We are involved in the SHARE Food Network and you will soon hear more about a prison ministry supporting inmates, their families, and their return to the community.  Other activities are taking place and more are being planned.  We invite you to work with us.

More importantly, we believe that God is still in control and that he hears our cry for justice and for relief.  We all need to draw even closer to God during these times and to  one another.  It is encouraging to see a diversity of people already joining hands.   As Clinton Williams stated in yesterday’s post, we must be strong in the midst of  this trial  Psalms 142.  We must work together as we cry out to the Lord for mercy.

Come pray and worship with us.

Be Strong in the Midst of Trial


1 thought on “Trayvon Martin – A Part of Us”

  1. What lessons can we learn from Trayvon Martin’s death?

    1. Sometimes we will never know who or what is the next face of evil that we might encounter as we try to go about our lives daily, so be prepared for the unexpected.

    2. Focus on the good in you and use it as a tool by which you may win over the person who may want to harm you.

    3. Remember, there is some good (sometimes more good) in every person, and there are ways to bring the good out of that person.

    4. A wise king once remarked, “a soft answer turns a person’s anger away, but bitter, grevious, or threatening words brings out rage out of a person.” This is not an iron-clad rule, but is a principle we may want to adopt in some threatening situations. Thanks to Solomon for those words of wisdom.


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