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National Night Out presented by District IV Police Department and Citizens of Camp Springs, Maryland

National Night out 2012

The Citizens of Camp Springs, would like the City of Camp Springs residents and businesses to join them and the men and women of the District IV Police Department of Prince George’s County for the 29th National Night Out on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at Thurgood Marshall Middle School, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The purpose of the National Night Out, which is organized in conjunction with the various police organizations nationwide, is to inform the public about various police programs and community programs such as drug prevention initiatives and town watch organizations that exist to keep people safe and fight crime in neighborhoods everywhere.

Events of the evening will consist of various demonstrations from the police department, the fire department and rescue squad as well as activities for children. Local Businesses will also have an opportunity to present their goods and services to the community.

We are looking for volunteers, businesses, residents and the community to participate.  We will be forwarding additional information about the program in the coming weeks. Please register via email or phone calls.

For additional information, please

Contact:          Ms. Angela Holmes – Co-Facilitator of Citizens of Camp Springs


Ms. Gloria Boddie – Middleton Lane Neighborhood Watch Captain


Prince George’s church announces partnership with County Police for Camp Springs community enhancement

2 thoughts on “National Night Out presented by District IV Police Department and Citizens of Camp Springs, Maryland”

    1. That’s great George! Hoping that a lot of people come out for this important community event.

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