Rescuing My Brother From The Enemy

Daily Bread #3


For many of us, this is the first day of the workweek, and we might have already gotten into the hustle and bustle of getting the family up to speed to take on the day’s challenge. While you are preparing to get going, contemplate an encouraging story we find in Genesis 14 about an unselfish Abram rescuing a relative, Lot, from the hands of the enemies.

Abraham and Lot are blessed beyond their expectation as Genesis 13 informs us. But their material growth did not bring them any closer; rather, it divided them. Abram’s herdsmen and Lot’s herdsmen had sharp differences that brought them to an impasse. But before the tension grew worst, Abram interceded and with quick wit provided an immediate solution. Since there was more land in front of Abram and Lot to provide for their cattle. Abram took the high road by offering His nephew to choose first what direction he would take in order to provide peaceable accommodation for his herdsman. And so Lot chose what appeared the best section of the land going towards Sodom and Gomorrah.

In chapter 14 of Genesis, we read of four kings of the east invading five kings of the south because the kings of the south rebelled by refusing to pay tribute to Chedorlaomer one of the kings of the east. Chedorlaomer invaded the territory of the rebellious five kings, overthrew them and took all their possession as spoils of war. During this time of the invasion by Chedorlaomer and his supporting cast,

Lot was taken captive. Words came to Abram later that his relative is taken captive by the enemies.

Abram prepared his servants and went in hot pursuit to rescue his nephew. But why should Abram:
1. Be bothered by the capturing of Lot when in an earlier association with Lot it only proved distressing, the fighting of their herdsmen?
2. Endanger his life and the life of his servants in order to save Lot?
3. Care at all?

Lot was a blood relative of Abram and he knew he had an obligation to rescue his relative from the clutches of the enemy. In the family of God, we are tied together and to one another by the blood of Christ. On this side of heaven, there is no stronger bond than this. Sometimes a sibling might be taken captive by the enemies of darkness, and although he wants to be freed, he does not know how to deliver himself/herself from his captors. You’ll have to arm yourself and go after your blood relative in hot pursuit until you find him/her and take her from the stronghold of the enemy. Abram used what God provided him to accomplish that task, fighting servants. We too have been equipped by God to take on the enemy in hot pursuit. One of the most powerful pieces of weaponry given to us is prayer; never underestimate its power to send the enemy running for cover while saving the one held captive.
1. Never let past negative experiences stop us from doing a good deed for another, today.
2. Throw out your life line of prayer; you might be rescuing a drowning seaman.
Have a bless day.


Nigel McPherson
Nigel McPherson

Nigel McPherson is a minister at the Beltway Church of Christ, 3600 Davis Boulevard, Camp Springs, MD 20746.

The Beltway Church of Christ is located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in Prince George’s County, MD near Joint Base Andrews.

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