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Enough is Enough

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves pushed to the brink of our breaking-point.

Our breaking-points are sometimes reached because of the unrelenting pressure imposed upon us willingly by others. Some natural reactions to such pressures would be to break down and cry; to yield to the pressure and simply give in; to throw your hands up and walk away, or to make a defense and say “Enough is enough.” We learn from scripture that Pontius Pilate reacted similarly on the day of Jesus’ death following Jesus’ crucifixion when he stated by permission “Enough is enough.” Here is why!

Pilates’ response is based upon the unrelenting solicitations imposed upon him by the Jewish leadership. First, they accused Jesus of being a malefactor or evil doer, but Pilate refused to consider their accusation – John 18:28-31.  Second, the Jewish leadership took advantage of the legal system to attempt to put Jesus to death.  Still, Pilate found no fault with Jesus – John 18:32-37.  Third, Pilate reminded the Jewish leadership of their own custom of releasing prisoners at Passover, rather they sought the release of a true criminal over that of an innocent man – John 18:38-40.  And fourth, Pilate became increasingly concerned that the Jewish leadership could accuse him of disloyalty to Caesar as being King – John 19:1-15.

However, the final straw in the unrelenting solicitations imposed upon Pilate by the Jewish leadership is understood by their objection of him proclaiming “JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS” following Jesus’ crucifixion. They asked Pilate to write “that he said, I am the King of the Jews.” Pilate being tired and wearied, and having yielded to the pressure far too long, was no longer willing to go against his conscience. Thus, he said “Enough is enough.”  To put it exactly, he responded, “What I have written I have written” – John 19:16-22. Pilate was neither a believer nor follower of Jesus Christ.  However, God used him in a powerful way to prophetically proclaim “Enough is enough.”  In the 1,984 years since John 19, much has been falsely written concerning God and his church, which cannot be supported by scripture.

If you are at your breaking-point, tired and wearied, and are no longer willing to go against your conscience religiously, proclaim today “Enough is enough. What God has written he has written.”

Markus Martin is the Senior Minister at Beltway Church of Christ

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