About Beltway

Beltway Church of Christ ministering to hungry

We are simply a family of Christians striving to do God’s will.  Our beliefs and actions are based on what the Bible teaches.  We model our lives after Christ and are here to share his Word and serve our fellow man.

We are proud to be part of the Camp Springs neighborhood and want to get to know all of our friends who live and work in the area.  Our location is minutes away from Joint Base Andrews in the Washington, DC area which makes us easily available to visitors to the nation’s capital from throughout the world.  Please visit and call on us.

There’s always a warm welcome at Beltway.

May God bless and keep you.

4 thoughts on “About Beltway”

  1. The web site is well done. It clearly conveys who we are and what we are about. Keep up the good work. A job well done.

    1. Lottie,

      Thank you for your comment and for seconding that Beltway is a serving family of Christians where our neighbors and friends will receive a warm welcome.

  2. This is a fantastic venue to help others and ourselves. Very well done! In rereading some of my Christian Woman magazines, I ran across an article that struck me as significant in these times we are experiencing. If was from the November/December 2011 issue, page 19. The article was written by Hannah Burleson. A portion stated: “…one of Satan’s favorite weapons: the deceptive disease of conditional contentment. He convinces us that if we could just have this husband, that job, this house, that friend, this amount of money, that vacation, this diamond, that child-the list could go on-then we would be happy.” This is such a true statement because in some situation the things we pray for are the things that become our god!

    1. Charleta,
      Thanks for subscribing to the blog! We appreciate your taking the time to comment and for sharing the article about conditional contentment. We are excited about using this blog to share God’s Word and to reach out into the community. We hope to hear from you again….and often.

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